Clarification: EPA’s clearway for Calif. coercion of aero device regs …

August 13, 2014 - clearance

As remarkable in Overdrive‘s Aug. 11 coverage of a EPA’s grant of permission to California to make a hothouse gas regulations, a California Air Resources Board might now make a manners requiring certain aerodynamic add-ons or other inclination that urge fuel economy and, hence, revoke hothouse gas emissions.


CARB can make order requiring aero add-ons to trailers, EPA says

CARB has been postulated accede by a sovereign supervision to make a requirement that trailers in a state be versed with certain EPA-verified aerodynamic equipment.

The Aug. 11 story, however, usually says a EPA’s statute relates to 2011 and after indication trailers. 

The EPA’s statute also clears CARB to make identical mandate on 2011-2013 year-model tractors with integrated sleepers.

CARB’s hothouse gas rule, that went into outcome Jan of 2010, compulsory a use of EPA SmartWay-verified tires and other SmartWay-verified apparatus on all new trucks and trailers. 

However, CARB had not been enforcing a order since a EPA’s Clean Air Act had preempted a state rules. In Jun 2013, CARB asked for a waiver of that preemption, and a EPA postulated a waiver final week, clearing a approach for CARB to make a order on 2011-2013 year-model trucks and 2011 and after trailers. 

Click here to read Overdrive‘s strange coverage of a EPA’s ruling.

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